5 Things Your Body Stopped Allowing You To Do The Minute You Graduated College

This is an article that means a whole heck of a lot to me. Every since I graduated college, I began to notice things my body just didn’t want me to do anymore. It gets more and more evident each year that passes, but it became pretty obvious times were changing. In college, you just feel invincible. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. Today, I put my mind to it, but my body is left back a few miles away.

It’s a sad sad phenomenon. Take a look…

(5) Put in Marathon Exercise Sessions

In college, I could play basketball for hours every night, and my legs would be fine the next day. I try that shit now, and I look like I got pulverized in the butt the night before when I walk. I could also hit the gym for hours without many rest days needed. Now, not only can I not crush workouts, I feel like every time I lift something hurts.

(4) Do work all night and bounce back the next day

You know you use to pull an all-nighter for a Friday test, hit the test, maybe get a tiny nap then rage all weekend. Why was it easier to study all night, then it is to stay at work all night and do work. I think because staying at work is not only physically tiring it just takes away your spirits. Once you’re done with the test, it’s game on. Once you’re done with work, you gotta go back the next day, and the next day.

(3) Eat Whatever You Want, When You Want

Dude I use to eat like it was my job in college. Chicken fingers, pizza, burgers you name it. I owned it. Was a strapping 185 in college. The minute you graduate that’s a wrap. You eat crappy food, you eat late at night its going right to that ass or gut. And it gets worse as you get older…. As an aside, I would have loved to heard the story behind this picture.

(2) You could just rage, and the hangover wasn’t that bad

You could just do the damn thing whenever you wanted. You could drink hard liquor, beer, whatever you want and it would never be that bad. You’d be at the party the next night. Believe that. Now… lucky for us. You rage one night, and you aren’t straight until Wednesday.

(1) You were like the Energizer bunny

Does this remind you of anything?? Just kidding!! Lets face it dude, you could get it in all day, any day, drunk, sober, high, stressed or not stressed, tired, whatever. Now it’s just not that easy… Just saying……………

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