Pujols Contract Offer Didn’t Come Close

Allegedly, the offer to Albert Pujols from the Cardinals was not in the top 5 of annual salaries for all MLB players. That astounds me. Either way, Pujols and the Cardinals failed to reach a deal, and he will become a free agent. It’s scary to think about Albert on the market and where he could go. I’m really starting to think that he may in fact leave St. Louis, a thought that never crossed my mind until this morning.

The Cardinals really put themselves in a jam with the Holliday deal. But like the article says, Holliday is willing to defer money to keep Pujols on the team. He knows like everyone else does that if he leaves the Cardinals you can forget about it. He is easily, and I say easily, the best player in baseball. He deserves the most money, and unfortunately the Yankees have screwed over the world because he does deserve the MOST money.

If you want to look at highest paid players and crazy contracts, you can easily understand why Pujols should get paid the most. I do sympathize with the Cardinals in that the years were too much, but still. We’re talking not only about one of the greatest on-field talents in the history of the game, but a guy that fills seats and helps the team’s marketing. The messed up thing is; I’ve always been bitter about crazy contracts these athletes get, but I do believe Pujols deserves to be the highest paid, even though the highest paid is too much.

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