5 Things That Will Happen Now That Carmelo Anthony Is FINALLY A Knick

We’re at peace my friends, it’s over. We won’t hear about Carmelo Anthony and his trade saga anymore. I seriously get so sick of this crap, but what right do I have to say anything, I’m writing a blog about it. I just perpetuate the bullshit. My gut told me all along ‘Melo would head to the Knicks. David Stern has to be thrilled because this is great for NY.

Lets fast forward a daya, ‘Melo touches down in the Big Apple. The Knicks were able to keep Landry Fields, and actually did a pretty good job in the deal…However, there will be consequences and repercussions…

Carmelo Anthony is a Knick… Here’s what to expect…

(5) CP3 Will Follow In A Year

You better believe this. Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire, and CP3.. Sign me up man. I like this trio better than the Miami Heat. I really believe he will go. Knicks will be a perennial threat to win. (Did I just say that)

(4) Jay-Z Will Produce A Mean Rap Song About Carmelo Anthony

We all know Jay-Z is a part owner of the Nets. He got “dissed” by ‘Melo, I’m sure he’ll get him back. I’m thinking Nas Ether”ish” type.

(3) LaLa Will Go Back To MTV for the 18th Season of the Jersey Shore

Lala was once a MTV personality. Why not again? The Jersey Shore is always looking for a big set of boobs. Could be “a situation” for ‘Melo

(2) Mikhail Prokorov Tries To Start Another Cold War

All I know is this guy is rich, filthy rich, and powerful. Scares the daylights out of me. Maybe ‘Melo should have appeased him so he doesn’t end up in cement shoes.

(1) Spike Lee Makes A Commercial With ‘Melo

This is a mortal lock. Spike will also be the happiest man in America. Believe that.

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3 thoughts on “5 Things That Will Happen Now That Carmelo Anthony Is FINALLY A Knick

  1. hahahaha great list! i too agree these things will definitely happen. Although I’m partial to CP3 going to the Knicks. I love CP3’s game but I’m not so sure if NY is a good fit for him. I guess time will tell.

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