CalTech Ends 310-Game Conference Losing Streak!

The California Institute of Technology is for the best of the best. The alumni are some of the most prominent figures in the world. Unfortunately, none of that has to do with basketball. When I say best of the best, I mean the country’s smartest college students, and when I say prominent figures I mean 31 faculty and alumni that have won the Nobel Prize. Pretty formidable.

Lets get back to basketball. CalTech had a 310-game losing streak in the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference that dated back to 1985. This is Division III people, and 310 games is nothing to bat an eye at. But…… That all came to an end last night when Ryan Elmquist hit a go-head free throw with 3 seconds left. They were celebrating in the streets at Tech last night……. or maybe just studying.

Unfortunately, all is not perfect in the land of geniuses…. The Women’s Basketball team went 0-25 this season :(

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