The 2011 Cricket World Cup Song Is Fittingly Called “Hot & Spicy”

I know I’m getting carried away with videos today, but the news is pretty lame. NBA trade talk, NFL labor issues, Cam Newton is the next Jesus Christ, etc. You just kind of get tired of it. So it’s Friday, we’re going to do what we f$cking want to do right?! Let’s focus on the Cricket World Cup…… ummm (crickets)

Anyway, I posted an article before that made mention of a huge bet made on the 2011 Cricket World Cup. My assumption is I’m not done posting about this event. It’s interesting. (Feel free to interpret interesting any which way you want) Fortunately, I stumbled across this gem. This is what you get when you mix a Proactive commercial and cocaine. It’s like a teen dating video, with a Facebook cameo. I can’t explain it. Regardless, thing is beautiful man.

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