NFL Combine Update and All-Time Records

For those of you who follow the NFL religiously, you know the NFL Combine is going on as you read. The Combine is a key tool for teams to use when drafting talent. Some guys impress, some guys don’t, and some guys are freaks of nature. Here are a couple current updates….

Cam Newton gets mixed reviews
Julio Jones did very well, and came out faster than expected
Tyrod Taylor was the fastest QB at the combine
Jake Locker and Ryan Mallet were impressive

Speaking of the guys who impress, just out of curiosity lets take a look at the All-Time NFL Combine records…..

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40-Yard Dash

Chris Johnson (2008), Rondel Melendez (1999) – 4.24 Seconds

225 lbs Bench Press Reps

Justin Ernest (1999) – 51 Reps

Verticle Jump

Gerald Sensabaugh (2005) – 46 inches

10 Yard Dash

Aundrae Allison (2007), Eric Weddle (2007), Marcus McCauley (2007) – 1.43 seconds

20 Yard Shuttle

Kevin Kasper (2001) – 3.73 seconds

3-Cone Drill

Sedrick Curry (2000) – 6.45 seconds

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