Wayne Rooney Is Claiming This Elbow To Wigan’s James McCarthy Was Self-Defense

I apologize for the video, it’s not the greatest. If you want to see it in depth click on the Manchester United homepage. Unfortunately, you have to sign up.

Anyway, with the possibility of Wayne Rooney being charged by authorities for this elbow he has decided to tell the FA that it was done in self-defense. Manchester United ended up winning the match 4-0, while Rooney remained on the pitch for the entire game.

I am waiting anxiously for this story to develop and hear how Wayne Rooney was “defending” himself. Now I know the video isn’t clear, so the fact of the matter is he may have not just run up to McCarthy and elbow him in the head. I mean there’s a possibility that wasn’t the case right? It’s no secret Rooney doesn’t have the best reputation on the pitch and this didn’t help his cause. We’ll have to stay updated on what becomes of this situation.

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