Don’t Look Now, But The Detroit Pistons Are A Joke

One of the most well-respected NBA franchises in history has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. The Detroit Pistons were the “Bad Boys” who were a perennial success. They were a team in the last decade that you could pretty much slot them into the East Finals every year. Now, they are in shambles.

A serious of nonsensical events have turned the Pistons into an absolute farce. Why should we be surprised about this? Professional sports is filled with a bunch of greedy, ignorant, low-lifes. Lucky for the Pistons, they have a bunch of them. Unfortunately, they are making a mockery of their profession and insulting their fans. My personal favorite was Chris Wilcox, Rodney Stuckey, and Austin Daye who slept in and missed the bus to shootaround. Are you serious? You make millions of dollars and you can’t get up on fuckin’ time and go play a game for a living. You insult me and everyone who follows sports you pieces of shit.

<Deep Breathe> The Pistons situation is getting worse by the day, but Joe Dumars isn’t looking to move head coach John Kuester. Yeah, we’ve heard that before. This guy is going to get canned, that’s a foregone conclusion. Unfortunately, in this case the fish doesn’t stink from the head, and Joe Dumars should start working on a roster upheaval. The Pistons are long gone man, and it’s going to be a while before their back. Oh, and Rip Hamilton, you’re a fuckin dueche dude, and you will be for your entire life.



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