Classic Boxing Post-Fight Interviews

Boxing is an interesting sport, filled with some interesting characters. So the fact that interesting things occur post fight should come as a surprise to no one. The obvious start of this show would be the man pictured above. However, he isn’t the only guy that ever boxed with a screw loose. In fact, they may all suffer from that same affliction.

Take a look at some awesome post-fight interviews


(5) This guy was clearly disappointed with his opponents performance

(4) James Toney is celebrating his birthday with Burger King!

(3) Naseem Hamed doesn’t think much of himself

(2) Pacquiao said whatttttttt

(1) Jim Grey just needs to walk away from this one

Tyson Gets a Section of His Own
(1) Biggs was crying in the ring

(2) “On the contrary” “Lackluster” Amazing

(3) This is the most amazing interview I’ve ever seen

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