Which Team Is Going To Wear Cinderella’s Slipper In The 2011 NCAA Tournament

You’re about a week away from filling out your bracket. You haven’t had a lot of luck in past years, and you often find yourself losing your office pool to some chick who doesn’t know a Tar Heel from a Blue Devil. Well, fear not my friends, Unathletic is here and we will help you with your bracket.

Picking the “Cinderella” team is always key in winning a bracket. Lets take a look at 5 teams that could wear the slipper. Then you do your extra research and pick a couple and run with it.


(5) Old Dominion

Don’t sleep on the CAA. It’s a good conference. ODU may not win the conference tonight, but should still get in. They’ve played a good schedule and can beat anyone. This is a good team, Frank Hassell is a very good player. This team will be in a seeding where they can upset a few teams.

(4) St. Mary’s

I would feel a lot stronger about this team if they hadn’t had a little rough patch a couple weeks ago, but maybe it’s a good thing. St. Mary’s has that feel about them. They have a stud in Mickey McConnell. They’ve beaten some quality teams, St. John’s in particular, and lost by 1 point to BYU who is supposedly in the running for a 1 seed. They’re my second favorite to make a run, but I do feel like they lose to Gonzaga tonight.

(3) Oakland

No not Oakland, Ca. The leaders of the Summit Conference, have been a pretty consistent invite to the party. They will scare the hell out of their opponent. Why? They played a BEAST of an out-of-conference schedule. Beating Tennessee, losing to Michigan State by 1, at Ohio State, Illinois, Purdue, and West Virginia. They have the experience and the talent. This team is sneaky good.

(2) Cleveland St.

The next two teams are my babies. I don’t know why, but I feel like I adopted them this season. Cleveland State has offensive fire power. They haven’t played much in terms of out-of-conference, but they’ve done well in the horizon, and that conference is no slouch. Now they lost to Butler in the Horizon League Semis so they need an at large… gonna be tough, but I like this team if they get in.

(1) George Mason

They’re baaaaack. I love this team. They started off the season a little slow, but they’re in full swing right now. They rolled through a good CAA regular season, and don’t be scared about the fact they lost to VCU in the tourney. This team will win it’s first round game. The coach has been there before, and he thinks this team is more balanced… we’ll see!

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