Active Female Athletes That Would Make Top Notch WAGs

If you had the choice would you date a hot chick who knows nothing about sports and never played or a hot chick that played a sport and was awesome at it…… Yeah, that’s what I thought.

We can sit here and talk about Lucy Pinder, Irina Sheik, and every other sexy chick on the planet, but we can’t watch a game with them. They’re hot, no doubt, but I have a hard time believing they know much about sports.

I’m just bullshitting, I bet some of these chicks know sports, but hey man, it think it’d be a plus to have an athlete. Take a look at 5 athletes who would make top notch WAGs.


(5) Natalie Gulbis

Imagine grabbing a case of beer on a beautiful day and going to the course with your hot chick so she can beat the shit out of you in golf. Damn, that would be awesome. Gulbis seems like a cool chick too. This could be heaven.

(4) Jenn Brown

Sorry Jennie Finch, you’ve been an all-time favorite of mine but Jenn Brown takes over. She played softball, she works for ESPN, baseball is my favorite sport. Check Please.

(3) Elena Dementieva

We can learn to love Tennis. I actually do enjoy watching some tennis, now I can watch it with a smoking hot chick. Dementieva is also very sweet if you’ve seen her before. This could be a win.

(2) Gretchen Bleiler

For all you extreme sport lovers, you’ve met your dream. I’m not a big skier or snowboarder, but if I was I’d imagine having this hot chick on my arm would be nice. I think she’d be cooler than Lindsey Vonn I could see myself getting into hitting the slopes if she was my babe.

(1) Rachel Wacholder

Beach volleyball. Just chillen at the beach, having a hot girlfriend. I prefer the beach over the snow friends. There could have been tons of beach volleyball players picked here, but I’m going Rachel Wacholder.

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