Sweet Collection of Old School College Basketball Fights

I was fired up yesterday. I was looking for a fight. Sooo, since I was stuck in my office doing work and writing blogs, I decided to live vicariously through Unathletic. You may be happy or unhappy with your squads NCAA Tournament fate so this may work out perfectly for you.

Fighting happens. It happens in all sports. The competitors are all fired, and sometimes the moment gets the best of them. You are forgiven.

Take a look at some awesome college bball fights. (No Surprise to see ‘Sheed in one)


(5) Rasheed Wallace At North Carolina Got Into It

(4) Old School ‘Cuse Melee

(3) First Ever College Fight LOL

(2) Crazy Old School Brawl. Big White Dude Gets Owned

(1) Old School 1961 Brawl

Bonus! Guy Attacks Fan In Some Weird League

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