5 Fantasy Baseball Injury Prone Players We’ve Grown Tired Of…

My fantasy baseball draft is right around the corner. I’ve been doing a tiny bit of research, and happened to come across a few names. These guys are tantalizing. They look sexy on paper and could seduce you like a hot blonde in jean shorts. However, you have to learn to stay away from these guys. It just annoys me because I am easily seduced…

Here are 5 Fantasy Baseball Players who are guaranteed to seduce you then leave you high and dry….

(5) Chase Utley – 2B – Philadelphia Philles

Utley is a big time tease. The guy went healthy is top 5 talent at a position that isn’t very deep at all. The guy can put up monster numbers. MONSTER. He was ok, in 2008-2009, but he was dinged up in 2007 and last season was a disaster. This is a relatively new development, but Utley is now the injury prone guy after this year’s Spring Training. If you get him and he’s healthy you got a steal, but don’t bet on it.

(4) Grady Sizemore – OF – Cleveland Indians

I think we’ve almost all but given up on Sizemore. The guy at one time was a first round treat. 30 Home Runs, 30 Steals. He’s still out there, and is tantalizing. If he could be healthy…. eh what am I saying. I think Grady may be a lost cause. Someone will draft him this year, and it’ll probably be me. F

(3) Carlos Beltran – OF – NY Mets

Tranny has been a disaster the past two seasons. I still haven’t forgotten 2008 though when the guy dropped a 100/27/100/25 year on us. That is Elite Fantasy material. Can he come back to that status? Probably not, at this point I expect to see Angel Pagan in center more this year.

(2) Josh Hamilton – OF – Texas Rangers

This guy was ranked #1 in Fantasy Baseball for much of last season. The problem is he got hurt, again. Hamilton could be the worst of the worst. He hasn’t finished a season in 3 of his 4 real MLB years. The guy could be a total stud if he was healthy. The guy had pneumonia this offseason. He’s just snake bitten. I can’t take him, I want to but I can’t.

(1) Jose Reyes – SS – NY Mets

Clinging to his 2008 season when he stole 56 bases and hit 16 home runs, Reyes is all but forgotten. Or is he? Experts have him back in the top 25 again. The guy has had a miserable past two seasons with injuries. No touchy.

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