This is the last day I’m going to complain about the NCAA Tournament I promise. Has anyone else noticed the number of dumb plays that have taken place thus far in the Tournament. I’m not talking just physical mistakes that occur from working hard. I’m talking brain-dead idiot plays that baffle me.

Clearly, the NCAA’s goal of the “student-athlete” is failing because it’s almost inexplicable for these plays to occur if the players are attending college. In many ways, the days of actual basketball is dead and it’s more about athletes, size, and raw skill.

Take a look at some of the Dumbest Plays from the 2011 Tournament.

(5) The End of Texas vs. Arizona

A two for one. A 5 second violation, and apparently J’Covan Brown thought he had all freekin’ day… Unreal.

(4) North Carolina vs. Washington (Fast Forward to about 12:00 mins)

Where do I begin? The half-court heave? Henson’s brain apparently shutting off for the final 5 seconds. yikes.

(3) Syracuse vs. Marquette

An over and back violation? Are you serious?

(2) Villanova vs. George Mason

Aside from the utter collapse and missed foul shots, Corey Stokes probably could have gotten a better shot. You’re suppose to shoot it with some time left for a put back but that was a little quick

(1) Pittsburgh vs. Butler

All I have to say about this is… This may be the dumbest play I’ve ever and will see in my life.


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