It might just be that time I have to unleash hell on Dez. The degree to which this guy is a fuck up has almost maxed out. He’s been in the news for nothing but crap for years now, and it’s time to put him to bed.

The latest saga with Dez is he’s being sued for close to $1 million because of excess spending on jewelry and other goods. Apparently his “advisors” set him up with a line of credit before he signed his big contract. With this line of credit, Dez went bonkers buying watches, earrings, and taking cash advances. Now he’s got to pay the piper.

The writing is on the wall with this dickhead. Deion Sanders said last week that he was done with the kid. He repeatedly said “He needs help, he needs help.” That’s pretty alarming don’t you think? So what do the Cowboys do; they sit back and watch him self-destruct. How much bullshit do you need to read about in the papers before something is done? Way to go Jerry.



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