Harrison Barnes is staying at UNC. The thing with that decision is; I still think he would be a very good pro even if he went. Unfortunately, there have been some other guys who decided otherwise and turned out to NOT be very good pros. The criteria for this list is…. no 4 years of college, and they have to be drafted in the lottery.

Here are the five worst lottery picks ever that never had a senior night at college…

(5) Mike Sweetney – 2003 – Knicks #9

Sweetney was anything but sweet in the NBA. The 3-year stud from Georgetown played four seasons with the Knicks and Bulls dropping 6.5 ppg. He was out of the NBA before I lost my virginity.

(4) Darius Miles – 2000 – Clippers #3

Miles played his last NBA game at the age of 24. Isn’t that amazing? Injuries did derail the guy, but he never panned out to what people expected. He did come up with that cool head thing to celebrate a made shot.

(3) Dajuan Wagner – 2002 – Memphis #6

Boy were people excited about this guy. Things could have been great for Dajuan, but he only lasted 3 seasons with the Cavs. He tried a comeback with the Warriors that lasted 1 game.

(2) Darko Milicic – 2003 – Pistons #2

He’s just that guy. He’s always going to be on this list. Always. The good news is he’s still kicking around in the NBA 8 years later. Why is Darko weak sauce? Because A.) he sucks B.) he was drafted ahead of ‘Melo, D. Wade, and Bosh. EEEK

(1) Kwame Brown – 2000 – Wizards #1

The #1 pick. Is #1 on our list. Kwame was the bust of all busts. The sad thing is… he’s hung around, and he still could prove useful. In terms of #1 picks, him and Michael Olowokandi are the worst picks ever. The Kandiman isn’t on this list because he finished college.


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