It’s a curious thing that whole draft night fashion statement. Some guys do it because they just don’t care and they’re cocky little assholes. Other guys go for it because they’re trying to set the trend and be different. I guess there is no satisfaction in just wearing a nice suit. The NBA is the world leader in horrible suits, but the NFL has had several terrible suits as well. It’ll be interesting to see this week, who goes for that “fashion statement”

So now that we’ve established these draft picks feel the need to stand out with their fashion, which guys went for it and epically failed? There are quite a few of them, but here are five that stick out in the NBA and NFL.

Take a look….

(5) Wesley Johnson – Minnesota Timberwolves #4

Wes Johnson went for it. I don’t know man, I like the effort, and I’m not hating, but this thing is just awful. He’s got charisma, it’s a shame I have to put it on the list.

(4) Joe Haden – Cleveland Browns #7

Joe Haden rocked this absolutely awful suit when he was drafted last year by the Browns. Are you surprised this is a custom made suite by…. Sean John!?

(3) Steve Nash – Phoenix Suns #15

This just makes me laugh. How awful is this suit? I know it was 1996, but come on man.

(2) Samaki Walker – Dallas Mavericks #9

This is just terrible. It wasn’t the pimps and ho’s draft. Awful move to go with the all white and top hat.

(1) Karl Malone – Utah Jazz #13

Poor Karl. He’s going to go down as one of the greatest players that ever lived. He’s also going to go down as rocking the worst draft suit of all-time. Tough to blame him, he was a simple country boy.

Bonus! Thurl Bailey – Utah Jazz #7

He wore a name tag on draft night!! A name tag for the 7th overall pick! WTF! People know who you are dude


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