5 Chicks Who Made Things Historically Not Sexy… Well Sexy

Have you noticed that at least one hot chick has to infiltrate things that were typically reserved for ugly chicks in the past. I mean the ugly chicks have to be pissed. Hot chicks just want to take over the world. Next thing you know, some busty model is going to be President.

It’s a gift and a curse man. With that said, we’ve gotta take a look at some, I guess you can call them occupations in the public eye, that really never had hot chicks now can boast about how sexy it is.

Take a look….

(5) Race Car Driving

Lets get the obvious one out of the way first. Race Car Driving isn’t sexy for chicks. A grease monkey babe doesn’t get 95% of the population aroused. However, Danica came along, and what do you know the world can turn to race car driving to stimulate themselves.

(4) Cooking Shows

What the fuck is this? A bikini model, turns cooking show host. I’m telling you right now, if you’re hot and have no talent whatsoever, learn how to cook and you’ll be famous in a minute. Cooking shows are the craze right now so, of course, hot chicks have to get up in that. This is Padma Lakshmi for those of you who don’t know. Paula Dean and co. are crying themselves to sleep every night while Bobby Flay glazes his ham to this new trend.

(3) Sports Reporting

This is an interesting one. Erin Andrews is somewhat of the jet setter here (is that even the right word?) but think about it; every female reporter is hot now. The days of Linda Cohen and Robin Roberts are over. Some people even dig those chicks, but now Sports Reporting is going for the glory. Rachel Nichols dude. I would marry her tomorrow.

(2) Women’s Golf

Look, I’ll be nice, but we all know Women’s Golf wasn’t sexy. It just wasn’t. Now we have the likes of Michelle Wie, Natalie Gulbis, and plenty of others. Granted they aren’t very good, but they’re there. AND taking over!

(1) Royal Weddings

I’m being serious… Everyone is going on and on about Pippa Middleton and her dress, but dude, Kate Middleton is hot. Let’s face it the Middleton’s just crushed Royal Weddings. Taking over bro, taking over.

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