5 Emotional Interviews From Future Hall of Famers

We’re going with the emotional stuff today friends. This post was inspired by something I saw last week so I decided to run with it. There have been so many emotional interviews in sports in the past, I just decided to go with some great ones made by future Hall of Famers. That narrows it down pretty good.

Enjoy watching some of these interviews. Some are fairly long, but for the most part they are all great watches.

(5) Kevin Garnett and John Thompson

I love this interview. I use to love Kevin Garnett. I still like him a lot, but he’s a different player on the Celtics. Just a great interview, Garnett was a real dude, he just got it. The Celtics situation and winning seemed like he changed a bit. John Thompson is fantastic. 4:00 minutes the interview gets great.

(4) Ray Lewis Sunday Conversation

Don’t you wish Ray Lewis never got into the legal trouble. The guy is a very inspirational speaker. He’s passionate, he’s real, and he’s humble. I just hate how something keeps telling you not to like the guy.

(3) Touchdown Tommy Getting Emotional

Brady’s another guy I haven’t warmed up to. Almost to the point where I can’t get into this interview and feel for the guy. I don’t know why either, he doesn’t seem to do anything wrong off the field. So what if he has a new hairstyle every season.

(2) Joe Sakic’s Retirement

If you follow hockey you know Joe did it right. Joe is first class all the way. All retirement speeches are emotional, but there’s a reason Sakic gets the nod over Brett Favre. You have to watch the introduction by his long time friend and president Pierre Lacroix too.

(1) Allen Iverson Crying

I wish I could buy in AI, but I can’t. Actions speak louder than words.

Bonus – Mark Ingram Draft Interview

Ingram isn’t a future Hall of Famer, but he was the inspiration for this post. Nice moment for him.

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