It happens, never to me, but it happens. Sometimes in public, people pee their pants. The situation may be different for every pants-pisser, but it happens. We’re not going to make fun of the people that do it, we’re just going to observe some videos and take notes.

Take a look at some videos of people who, sadly, have pee’d their pants in public.

(5) Kid Pees His Pants Before Cliff Jump

Dude if you pee your pants in front of all your friends like this you mine as well jump off a cliff.

(4) Kid pees himself on stage

You realize what traumatic events do to children….. peeing is no exception

(3) Guy absolutely destroys subway and his pants

Public transportation… what can I tell you? That’s a lot of piss

(2) Happy New Years

“I’m gonna gooooogle you beeetch” WTF is that!!

(1) Sometimes you just have to face the facts; you pissed

Life’s a bitch bro.


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