First and foremost, last night was very touching and cute to have Nick Gilbert, who suffers from Neurofibromatosis there to represent the team. It almost made you forget that his father, Dan Gilbert, is such a jerk. Either way, it was a very fun, nice scene for the 14 year old.

The Cavs got the #1 pick, here comes the savior… OR not. I want to continue to hear what some of the experts say about this draft because quite frankly this ISN’T the draft I want to win the #1 pick in. I’m not sold on Kyrie Irving, I’m just not. Let me pose a question…. Why not Kemba Walker at #1? You think he’ll be there at #4? The guy is a winner. I’m sure he can improve his shooting. Derrick Williams is a beast, but he came out of nowhere for one season. After that, good luck. It’s a bunch of foreign dudes and role players. Derrick Williams at #1 and hope Kemba is there at #4? I can dig that

Of course, somebody had to be the d$ckhead last night. Minnesota GM David Kahn said the draft was fixed, so the NBA can have a nice story like the one with Nick Gilbert. I hope is was fixed you jerkoff. Keep drafting point guards. How’s Ricky Rubio working out for you? It wouldn’t make a difference if your team had the first or last pick the way you draft.


Your Thoughts?

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