It’s understandable that many men out there are whipped. Some are lonely. Some are that grateful that a woman is having sex with them. Many have an extremely low self esteem and therefore do what women tell them to do. It’s easy to understand this amongst “mortal” normal men.

But athletes? As a fan of sports I feel it’s an athlete’s obligation to run around like a rock star, bang plenty of women, and never, ever get caught up in being steered by a woman. Call it sexist but I mean come on! Hell it’s OK to be married and faithful, just don’t be whipped fellas. Please.

In that light, here are the seven all time most whipped athletes in history…..

Kris Humphries

Let’s face it, all you really have to mention is the fact that Humphries spent $2MM on an engagement ring. Clearly they’ll get divorced at some point and that he proposed so quickly despite a Ray Ray and Reggie Bush past says something to his whippedness. Does he really want into the Kardashian family that badly?

Tom Brady

The Long Hair. Oh, the long hair. Seriously, Gisele without makeup really isn’t all that hot. I thought Moynahan was the better wife material but what the hell do I know? Brady’s turned into a 100% metrosexual. Granted he’s tough as nails as a QB but come on buddy., ease up on the fashion will ya?

Kris Benson

Granted his name was in the spotlight a hell of a lot more when he was a relevant pitcher in New York, he still has to go down as one of the most whipped athletes to ever walk the face of the earth. I mean Ana definitely has a personality that can lure a man but still. He seemed a little too “taken” if you ask me.

David Beckham

I hate to say it but my only theory here is that he truly loves Victoria. What the hell else other explanation is there? Actually he could conceivably be secretly gay. Eh, I don’t know man. This picture is pretty evident that he may want out. He sure as hell doesn’t act like it though.

Lamar Odom

I don’t get it. I’ll never get it. I don’t want to get it. Khloe is not even remotely attractive. I’m convuinced that Odom as a secret desire to be a movie or TV star. He’s using the Kardashian clan to get him there. Either that or he just has horrible taste.

Kurt Warner

Fans have compared Brenda to Yoko Ono and Gozer from Ghostbusters, but her MVP remains loyal to a fault. Back when Warner learned hed be playing in the Pro Bowl, he sent her a bunch of roses with a note reading This is a great day for me, but it would mean nothing without you there to share it. Sheds some light on that groin pull in 2005, doesnt it?

Doug Christie

Has anyone forgotten about this? Doug Christie may have been the most whipped athlete of all time. Probably still is.


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Sarah Farrukh

June 8th, 2011 at 8:10 am

Kris Humphries….. so Lovely :-)

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