This isn’t Steve Bartman’s greatest hits. These are everyday, run of the mill fans stepping into the spotlight and making the big play. I’ve never in my life caught a foul ball, which is kind of interesting considering to how many games I’ve been to. You’d think I’d get hit in the head or something. These fans not only caught a ball, but showed up the guys on the field by making a great play. And no, you won’t be seeing the guy who bailed on a foul ball and let his chick get nailed.

Take a look at some great fan catches….

5. Guy Uses Popcorn To Make The Play

Sometimes you have to be creative. Afterall, it’s just popcorn. This is probably a tougher play than you think, I’m going to try myself.

4. The Nonchalant Returning From the Concessions Stand Catch

This play is more amazing than you think.Guy picks up a foul ball in his sights, then makes the play without losing a french fry. Dude this is the greatest play ever.

3. Guy Spears Foul Ball With One Hand With Baby In Arms

There has to be one baby in hand catch, so we went with this crappy quality of a video. It was a helluva catch, the baby didn’t even know what happened.

2. Amazing Play By The Onion Rings

Ok, so it wasn’t necessarily a catch, but a great slo-mo version of the onion rings taking one for the team. The lesson today; popcorn catches, onion rings have stone hands.

1. I had to include this one, Sorry!

Nice grab dipsh$t! This kid is going to be scarred for life… this is how it starts.


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