This has always been a touchy issue for us here at Unathletic. You have to be very careful when discussing this subject as to not appear sexist. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me tell you… There are two types of chicks out there when it comes to sports. There’s the annoying pretender and the actual sports babe. Sometimes it’s not that easy to decipher. You may think you’ve found a winner, and then one of the signs pops up and she’s a pretender. Let us try and help you when it comes to sorting out the situation..

Here’s a quick little guide…..

5. They Go With You To The Game…. For The Game

See what I did there? J. Lo vs. Jennifer Garner. Garner got the hat on, she’s in the game whereas J. Lo thinks its the prom and she’s not even watching. Even Ben Affleck lands on a dud every now and then. He’s righted the ship.

(4) When It Becomes More About Fashion Than The Game That’s Bad

When a chick is fussing about her outfit before a game run. Run for the hills. It’s not about looking sexy. Your chick should be able to throw on a jersey and a hat and look sexy. Stay in the game.

(3) A Chick Yelling at Calls Made During the Game Can Be Bad

Take a look at Larissa Riquelme here. She’s really really hot. BUT, this incident of her yelling during a game at the World Cup gives her minus a couple sexy points. Now take an average looking girl and have her yell and you’re F$CKED. See what I’m saying.

2. A Chick That is Comfortable in Any Climate at a Sporting Event

Here’s the deal with this one…. Climate outweighs the Fashion Show rule. If a chick stays in the game, follows all the rules at lets say Lambeau Field in minus 20 degree weather she can wear whatever the F she wants. If a chick is at a Padres game on a cool summer night bitching about how cold she is… CHUCK HER.

1. She Knows After a Big Win it’s Time to Lay Pipe

What’s the best way to celebrate after sweating out a big win… Yup you guessed it. There’s nothing wrong with this at all. If the chick is really into it after the game, my friend, you’ve found a winner.


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5 Signs in Finding a Legitimate Sports Fan Chick | Attuworld.com

June 21st, 2011 at 2:05 pm

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June 21st, 2011 at 11:38 pm

“When It Becomes More About Fashion Then The Game Thats Bad”

Your grammar/spelling is poor. When I click on link and it’s funny for a while and then there’s a basic grammar or spelling mistake, I close the link immediately. It should be “Than” instead of “Then.” I’m sorry, but if there’s a basic mistake like that IN THE TITLE OF THE BIT then I think, “huh, this writer doesn’t even try hard enough to get the simple basics right.” And then I go look at another website with better writing.

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