Since Barack Obama seems to be a relatively athletic President it was time for me to dig deep and find some cool pictures of former (and current) U.S. Presidents trying their hands at some of our nation’s most popular sports. Actually I just ran a google search for each guy so it didn’t really take long at all. Still though, wasn’t it a nifty idea?

It’s always fun to see dudes that are running our country do things that make them look completely unathletic and discombobulated. That or when they are slapping the asses of athletic people.

Here are 15 classic pictures of U.S. Presidents and sports

Richard Nixon – Bowling

Richard Nixon – Golf

Barack Obama – Basketball

Barack Obama – Baseball

Bill Clinton – Sailing

George Bush – Baseball

George Bush – Beach Volleyball

George Bush – Golf

Bill Clinton – Golf

Barack Obama – Golf

Jimmy Carter – Baseball

Ronald Reagan – Football

George Bush Sr. – Baseball

JFK – Golf

JFK – Baseball


Your Thoughts?

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