The 2011 NBA Draft went down last night. It was most certainly a shallow talent pool. Here is a breakdown of all the trades that took place last night, I understand it can get complicated. By the way, Jan Vesely the kissing bandit above… Kid looks like a freak, but he’s also going to get the shit kicked out of him in the NBA. Scouting report on him is he can score, off the court. Here are some more thoughts…

Kings Snag Jimmer – How can you not love this kid? I think I have a mancrush on Jimmer. He just seems like such a good kid. I think he’ll be a pro for a long time because there is no question he’ll work hard. I’m pretty sure you won’t be hearing about Jimmer in a bar bathroom with a chick.

Lakers have quiet night – I’m not a Lakers fan, but I thought trading Lamar Odom would have been a mistake. Plus Khloe would have been sad. Also, I thought the Lakers had a crappy draft.

Josh Selby and DeAndre Liggins must be kicking themselves – Staying in school can be cool, but these idiots didn’t think so. Who advises these kids?

Knicks get defensive – The crowd wasn’t thrilled with Iman Shumpert. I wasn’t either. Supposedly he can help defensively. Josh Harrelson though? I thought that pick was horrible.

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