When was the last time you read an article, blog, or other publication that spoke positively of Lebron James. I think if Lebron could go back and do it all over again he would make different decisions. I can’t believe that Lebron wanted to go from the Chosen 1 to a guy ranked in the top 5 of athletes we love to see fail.

It’s pretty astounding that most of the guys on the list weren’t always categorized as athletes “we love to see fail”. Some of these guys, i.e. Lebron, were once well-liked. It was that moment in time, that we will highlight if applicable that turned the tables. Then it was all downhill.

Here are 5 Athletes We Love to See Fail

5. Kobe Bryant – LA Lakers

I don’t know many that love Kobe. I think Kobe has respect from the masses, but he also is an athlete that people love to see fail. You know the turning point in Kobe’s life, so I don’t need to reiterate that. Since then it’s more and more noticeable that Kobe is a smug, little d-bag.

4. Michael Vick – Philadelphia Eagles

Guess who topped Forbes’ list of most hated athletes? You guessed it right. Michael Vick, was very successful in his return to the NFL and that pissed a lot of people off. The funny thing is; before the “incident” and arrest, Michael Vick still wasn’t even liked. If he fails in 2011 there will be a lot of smiles.

3. Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers

Shortly behind Michael Vick is Big Ben. I don’t have a real issue with Ben. The issue I have with him is he dated Missy Peregrym and I absolutely love her. Ben’s an idiot. He does everything wrong. We all know why people dislike the guy.

2. Tiger Woods – Golf

What the hell did Tiger Woods do to deserve this? Oh yeah, he had sex with a million women while he had a wife and kids. I never liked Tiger. I thought he was an awesome golfer, but he’s a little bastard. Have you ever seen him in interviews. The guy is such a wise-ass. I don’t blame people for wanting to see him fail.

1. Alex Rodriguez – New York Yankees

Who likes A-rod? Raise your hand. Umm, close to no one. Even Yankees fans just deal with him, but don’t want him to fail. Everyone else wants this guy to go down in flames. He’s booed in every park the Yankees visit. Poor A-Rod.




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