Bowling is a tough sport, easy to fail at. Just take Napoleon from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Surely, he was a novice bowler. It’s almost a foregone conclusion this was going to end bad. He’s not alone. People have been failing at bowling for years. I wouldn’t recommend bowling on a first date. Just saying…

Anyway, we’ll put together a nice collection of bowling mishaps. Enjoy them…..


5. The Lucky Fail

This is why you don’t take a date bowling. Sh%t like this can happen with ease, and the miracle strike won’t get you laid after. Not even a miracle can get you laid after a bowling fail.

4. The Chick Fail

Let me drive home the point. There is nothing sexy about a chick bowling. Who entitled this video hot blonde? And what the hell is coming out of the ceiling? That’s not fuggin’ water.

3. Pro Bowler Sacrifices Himself

Yes, I know he did this on purpose. Still pretty amazing he’d give himself up like that. I mean this guy went for it on the belly flop. Kudos for the move man.

2. The Career Ending Accident

This looks like it freekin’ hurt man. Seriously, I do not recommend throwing a bowling ball off your ankle.

1. A nice compilation to finish it off

My personal favorite is when the Mom bowled her kid down the lane. Those lanes are slippery eh??


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July 3rd, 2011 at 2:05 pm

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