I’m sure by now everyone has heard that Ron Artest wishes to legally change his name like Chad Ocho Cinco. Ron Arest wishes to be now known as Metta World Peace. Metta means “strong wish for the welfare and happiness of others”, and we all know what World Peace means. Quite franky, it’s probably the worst possible name for Ron Artest. The name just sucks. I can’t think of a worse name for this guy. This just goes to show you how blatantly retarded Ron Artest is….

With that said, we are going to have to intervene and suggest some new names for Ron Ron. Here are our top 5….

5. Asshole At Auburn Hills

We all know what happened to Ron Ron at the Palace at Auburn Hills vs. the Detroit Pistons. Hey, it makes sense. He’s going to be remembered for this, not his play.

4. Banana in the Tail Pipe

I know Ron’s not dumb enough to think this hair would catch on. You know what this hair is saying bro, Provincetown, MA.

3. Kobe’s Pet

These two have a nice long history. Don’t you love how Kobe got the elbow in and Ron Ron got ejected. My favorite was Kobe on the foul like and Ron Artest telling him he’s going to kill him. Kobe just smiled at him. Now Ron Artest plays Kobe’s little buddy on the Lakers.

2. Notorious F.A.G.

This seriously makes me uncomfortable. Why is he doing it all sensual? Artest LOVES himself. It’s nauseating.

1. The Ghost

Nobody wants this guy to disappear more than me


1 Response to 5 Better Ideas for Ron Artest’s New Name Change


July 6th, 2011 at 5:26 am

Forgot him pulling paul peirces shorts down.

Also P-Town is in Mass. not Rhode Island, thats Providence.

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