News hit the wires that Charlie Sheen is the next up on Comedy Central’s Roast. I don’t watch the show religiously, but when I have tuned in I’ve found it pretty damn hilarious. My proposal is to expand it to athletes. Sure you can roast Bob Saget, Flavor Flav, David Hasselhoff, and co., but wouldn’t you want to see some of your favorite athletes up there.

The question is; who do we choose? There are actually more choices than you think. When I first came up with this bit, I figured I’d go with the high profile guys, but there just so happens to be a lot of high profile guys that would be nice to roast. I’ll lay down Unathletic’s five picks, feel free to give yours…

Here are Unathletic’s five…

5. Alex Rodriguez – New York Yankees

Lets get the obvious one out of the way. A-Rod has his issues with Jeter, his dating carousel, his steroid abuse, and more. The guy is a ripe target, and will always be.

4. Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo is a perfect target. He’s had the women fun, he’s Jerry Jones’ little boy, he can’t handle snaps in the playoffs, and he’s T.O.’s “quarterback” I think Romo would be highly entertaining.

3. Rex Ryan – NY Jets

I have to break the rules on this one, there’s no way I couldn’t. I know Rex isn’t an athlete, but there may not be a more roast”able” guy than Rex Ryan.

2. The Big Three – Miami Heat

Oh boy would this be fun. Three is better than one! First Lebron, then D-Wade, then Bosh. This would be awesome.

1. Tiger Woods – PGA

I would clear my schedule for this one. Not because Tiger Woods has a laundry list of stuff to roast, but because he’s a smug little a$$hole who wouldn’t be able to handle it. How can they be roasting me, Tiger Woods? Yup



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