The National League took home their second straight All-Star Game last night with a 5-1 victory over the American League. The big blow came in the fourth inning when Prince Fielder connected with a left-center field three-run home run off CJ Wilson.

The National League weren’t the only winners last night, and the American League weren’t the only losers. The night was marked by an extremely quick game with some performances worth noting, and some not so noteworthy.

Unathletic is going to examine the “Winners and Losers” from last night’s game.

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Winner: Chase Field

I think I can speak for everyone when I say Chase Field looked spectacular this week. The pool is a pretty cool idea, I’m not thrilled about it, but it’s cool. It was cool for the Home Run Derby. Otherwise, I thought the field and fans looked great. It’s nice for it to get some recognition when they play about ZERO times on National TV.

Loser: Josh Beckett

Josh Beckett warmed up, felt a twinge in his knee, and had to shut it down. It was more precautionary than anything else, but it still sucks for Beckett.

Winner: Prince Fielder

The guy got booed all weekend for not picking Justin Upton for the Home Run Derby. Well, he got his revenge with the game winning home run, and MVP. Not to mention, this dude is going to get PAID after this year.

Loser: Fox’s Coverage

I don’t have anything against Joe Buck or Tim McCarver, but it’s just getting old. I feel bad saying this, but I’m kind of sick of Joe Buck. I thought the coverage was poor last night. There were mistakes and both guys sounded like they had strep throat. Sorry

Winner: National League Pitching

The National League pitching lived up to it’s billing and dominated this game. I guess there can be no argument that pitching wins Championships. Halladay and Lee, oh and Hamels in the playoffs… have fun opposition

Loser: CJ Wilson

CJ Wilson was the hard luck loser last night. He let his first two runners get on then served up Prince’s bomb. It’s ok, you’re still good CJ.

Winner: Heath Bell

I don’t think anyone had more fun this week than Heath Bell. I thought the imitation coming out of the bullpen was hysterical. Well played, Heath. It still makes me chuckle.

Loser: Scott Rolen and Jacoby Ellsbury

Two at-bats, two whiffs. Thanks for playing guys. Tougher for Rolen, who many questioned why he was there. Guy is a helluva defensive third baseman though.

Winner: Bruce Bochy and the National League

I should say Major League Baseball, but I don’t want to give Bud Selig any credit. National League gets home field for the World Series, and Bruce Bochy is getting all the respect he deserves as a manager. Cheers!



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