Lets talk about heat today. The guys who take the mound and cause the hitters to urinate themselves. In all honesty, these guys will be a part of the history of MLB forever, and I can guarante you I would absolutely be shaking in the batters box if I faced them. Some of these guys were just straight heat, and the others were probably some of the greatest pitchers of all-time.

There is a bit of a challenge in this seeing that we didn’t always have radar guns, but Unathletic is going to do our due diligence. The proof is in the pudding with guys of today’s era, the others threw hard enough to create legends with their name.

Take a look….

5. Nolan Ryan

The “Ryan Express” featured a 100 mph fastball consistently. Nolan Ryan could simply be the greatest pitcher in the history of the game. The guy struck out 5,714 batters in his career. A staggering number. The guy was simply blessed with a magical arm.

4. Randy Johnson

Johnson danced around 100 mph for much of his career. He was really the first pitcher in the radar gun error that scared the living daylights out of hitters. What’s worse is he’s 6’11″ with a long wingspan so the 100 mph heater came out of his hand about 5 feet from you!

3. Joel Zumaya

Zumaya is really a nobody in the history of baseball, but he belongs on this list. He belongs on this list because he set the standard with an 104.8 mph fastball. When he’s healthy he throws an average 100 mph fastball. He may not be great but he set a fastball record until number one came around.

2. Walter Johnson

Unfortunately, we did not have a radar gun when Johnson pitched. Johnson was known as “The Big Train” and was the man before Nolan Ryan broke all his strikeout records. I think if we did have radar guns you would have found Walter Johnson, who was known as the hardest throwing pitcher in baseball history for five decades, was pissing with the big boys.

1. Aroldis Chapman

The fastest documented pitch in the history of the sport has been thrown by this Cuban defector. Unfortunately, we’re not talking about a Hall of Fame player, but throwing 105.1 is pretty freekin’ good. Aroldis Chapman has an arm blessed by the Gods.


2 Responses to The Hardest Throwing Pitchers in the History of Baseball

Brian L

July 15th, 2011 at 5:12 am

Well Chapman is only in his 2nd season, so don’t knock him as not being HOF material yet.

John L

July 15th, 2011 at 9:52 am

WTF???? No Bob Gibson means the list is made of fail!!

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