There are some figures in movies that have the kinds of skills that make you think “what if?” I mean what if someone came along that had the kind of supernatural skills that these fictional figures possess? How dominant would they be? How suspect would they be?

I mean you’d have to figure every single one of them was a doper of some kind. If not then you’d figure they weren’t human. And in this list we do have someone that isn’t entirely human.

Here are 10 fictional sports characters with absurd skills….

Roy Hobbs in The Natural

First he strikes out Babe Ruth at a carnival on three pitches. Then he gets shot. Comes back to the game 15 years later and puts on a clinic in his late 30′s and with a bullet lodged in his stomach. As Max Mercy in the movie says “anything he wants to hit he does!”

Jimmy Chitwood in Hoosiers

Bill Simmons once compiled a stat line on Chitwood in the movie and the dude missed like 3 times the entire movie. Jimmy put it best when he said “I’ll Make it.”

Scott Howard in Teen Wolf

Howard was such a pus for not staying a wolf. Dude could have been an NBA superstar. Instead he winds up with Boof? Come on dude, that’s just wrong.

Happy Gilmore in Happy Gilmore

No one will ever drive a ball onto the green on a hold that’s over 400 yards. At least no one on the tour. Maybe one of those long range guys but I doubt any pro golfer will.

Steve Nebraska in The Scout

27 batters up, 27 batters down on all strikes in your league debut? Not to mention it’s the world series and you pop 2 home runs, one from each side of the plate? A little embellished in this film but still amazing to think about. Oh yes and 112 MPH to boot.

Bobby Boucher in The Water Boy

Averaging 12 sacks a game and drop kicking guys? Yup, I could see that.

Vince in The Color of Money

Let’s not forget how good Tom Cruise was in this movie. His pool skills were a virtual perfection.

Henry Rowengartner in Rookie of the Year

Any 12 year old who can sling a ball close to 100MPH deserves to be on this list.

Rocky Balboa in The Rocky Movies

To withstand beatings from Apollo twice, then Clubber Lang (not to mention Thunder Lips), Drago, Tommy Gunn, and Mason Dixon? Yeah I’d say he’s superhuman. “The man kept coming after you. Now we don’t need that kind of man in our lives.”

Dave Stoller in Breaking Away

There was a scene in the movie where he’s riding his bicycle next to a truck on the highway that’s going 60 MPH on flat ground. Don’t think any dudes in the Tour De France can pull that off.

*There are obviously plenty more and we welcome your suggestions in the comments





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