I’m going to be a New York Yankees fan for a minute. The Yankees have something special about their organization. There is something different about how they treat their players, and in turn when guys succeed there, there is no better place to play. Unfortunately, it can come back to bite them in the ass. The Yankees have a nice cushion in the AL Wild Card, and I do believe they will make the playoffs, but it’s just a reflection of their mass talent they’ve gone out and paid for. For the record, I’m not one of those guys that thinks the Yankees buy championships. Every owner in MLB is rich, they have the money, they just choose not to spend it.

With that said, I have to question the organization. First, Jorge Posada. There has never been a player more done than this guy. It’s almost sad. The worst part is the Yankees won’t admit they made a mistake and bring up Jesus Montero to take Jorgie’s at-bats. Brian Cashman; just what are you doing? I know you’ve changed your mentality, but are you seriously looking at Hiroki Kuroda? Are you seriously going to keep trotting Phil Hughes out to the mound? Do you think Rafael Soriano is going to save that bullpen? I understand that some teams asking prices are extremely high, but by not being more active in the trade market, you’re essentially saying “not this year”. Everyone on the planet knows the Yankees don’t have what it takes to win the the World Series this year.

I respect the organization, but I’m having a tough time supporting Brian Cashman. Acquiring stop gaps like Freddy Garcia, and Bartolo Colon isn’t a recipe for a championship. It’s worked well, but these guys don’t take you to the promise land. I can appreciate how the Yankees show loyalty to their players, especially Derek Jeter, Jorge, and Mariano Rivera, but the other guys in the organization? Forget about it.


Your Thoughts?

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