Hurricane Irene hit the eastern seaboard this weekend. People in my neck of the woods were preparing for the apocalypse, and the storm wasn’t even that rough. I understand it got back other places. Hopefully, the damage isn’t too great, and people can get back to their everyday lives.

Of course, there are going to be some screwballs out there who like to have a good time during flooding. People don’t realize it’s pretty dangerous, but hey they have to have fun.

Here is a collection of some videos of people being people during the flood.

5. Chubby Dude Tries to Swim in a foot and a half of water

Eat your heart out Michael Phelps!

4. Body Surfing?

This can’t be good for a car right??

3. Fishing and Biking in One Flood

Could you imagine catching a fish in a flood? It would probably have three eyes.

2. Epic BMW save

1. Cruising in a Hoveround Through Flood

Damn, Hoverounds don’t f%ck around!

Outside my palace Sunday Morning


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