As I’m sure most of you know by now there’s been plenty of Sarah Palin getting nailed by Glen Rice news. I’m not sure what camp all of you are in regarding this matter but I 100% think it’s true. Reason being? Just too many rumors have become truth this year. That and, come on! How the hell can you make this stuff up? I just highly doubt that it’s false.

Do I have proof? No. Am I trying to prove it? No. But let’s face it. You’re talking a budding basketball star and a then weatherwoman with a tiny career? She was star struck and cute. Nothing wrong with what happened? In fact who cares? What’s to care about are all the jokes that came along with this story.

The biggest winner though? I will hand it to Rex Chapman for tweeting the hell out of this. Check out his amazing stuff after the jump…

Guy deserves an award for these tweets…


Your Thoughts?

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