I don’t get you athletes man…… Do you really need to be Tweeting, Texting, Sexting, and whatever else the f%ck you do? Everyone is so amped about technology. I’m telling you right now technology is a motherf%cker. It’s going to get you at some point.

This leads to my second point. I don’t even feel bad for this SPAZ. EVERY SINGLE quarterback at a big time Division 1 football school is cheating, except Tim Tebow. He’s like one of Jesus’ apostles. Seriously though, don’t fuggin’ kid yourself and act like you “really cared and sacrificed everything” for him. You were in it for the same reason all the jersey chasers are willing to bed him. You wanted to ride the superstar train. I’m not even blaming you. If I was a chick I would have sacrificed my vagina for one night of glory with Philip Rivers at N.C. State and I HATE that motherf%cker. Put it in perspective though, did you really think it was going to be an honest long term relationship. People baffle me.



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