I want to get these guys out of the way first. There are 5 athletes that I see rather frequently that I have to call out for seriously annoying the crap out of me. Is there a specific reason why you can’t just go out and play the game like a professional. Instead you have to go above and beyond the call of duty to annoy the public. Let me just clarify… these guys don’t fall under the category of pieces of sh$t like Albert Haynesworth. These are just the annoying ones….

Take a look for yourself…………

(5) Sean Avery – New York Rangers

This video really doesn’t show the annoyance level of Sean Avery. (It is an epic fight though) It’s hard to dispute the fact the Sean Avery is the most annoying guy going in hockey. Just look at his picture from the link above! He’s probably the biggest asshole in real life. He will be on this list every single year as long as he’s playing.

(4) Jose Valverde – Detroit Tigers

Just fast forward to 4:20. I had to find a Tigers video. Regardless, Valverde is the most annoying closer I have ever seen in my life. Have you ever watched Mariano Rivera who is the best ever? The guy doesn’t make a single gesture after he saves a game. Valverde wins the World Series every time.

(3) Asante Samuel – Philadelphia Eagles

I hate, hate, hate Asante Samuel. Every person who knows this guy knows he is the worst tackler in the NFL. He’s great at ball hawking. What is annoying as hell about this guy is he thinks he’s hard as nails because his big hits are on defenseless receivers. I mean are you serious dude? You lay someone out who isn’t looking and you think you’re tough? You suck at tackling bro. Don’t act hard.

(2) The Entire New York Jets Team

Well, I’m throwing everyone under the bus because I think Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan are the most annoying people in football. There is not one likable thing about the Jets. Think about all the mess associated with them too. Awful

(1) The Big Three

How freekin’ God awful is this? Yes We Did.. Dude you’re bringing it to the first black president ever elected level. Probably the worst thing I’ve seen all year. Well, maybe not, but still hella annoying.


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October 8th, 2011 at 3:57 am

I love on how this list is made after the Tigers eliminate the Yankees. I mean putting Valverde on your list and then praising Mariano Rivera. A couple of fist pumps bother you that much? Can this web-site remain at least somewhat neutral?

“Stop celebrating, and just do your job… Their job is to catch a ball. I don’t care if you get in the endzone and have a ten minute tea party. It’s a game.”
-Daniel Tosh

St Paddy

October 8th, 2011 at 6:35 am

I am a one of the 99% of sports fans who are not american.
Think you should rethink the whole thing out. Surely a snotty nosed Michael Schumaker (Formula One, for the 1% who may not have heard of him) qualifies.
We can’t get annoyed by them we have never heard of them.

sports ace

October 8th, 2011 at 7:13 am

What about Brett Favre? 12 trips to the post season, only one super bowl win, didn’t even win super bowl mvp. Yet he parades around “saving” teams. This guy is just a chucker trying to pose as a legend

The Most Annoying Athletes in Professional Sports - Attuworld.com

October 10th, 2011 at 7:21 am

[...] are 5 athletes that I see rather frequently that I have to call out for seriously annoying the crap out of me. Is there a specific reason why you cant just go out and play the game like a professional? [...]

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