The beautiful thing about Championship games; anyone can become a legend. Every year, there seems to be someone who steals the show in a title game and becomes a legend. Sometimes, it’s not the super star or future Hall of Famer, but more often than not it is….

Admittedly, the usage of “no-name” is a bit dramatic because obviously we knew who most of these athletes were before their big moment. It’s clear that they will be forever remembered for this game, not their careers.

Take a look and feel free to offer up your choice…

5.) Tyus Edney – UCLA

Tyus Edney had a great career at UCLA, but his game-winning shot for UCLA in the 2nd Round of the 1995 NCAA Men’s Championship is considered to be one of the most famous plays in NCAA Tournament history. Without that lay-up UCLA doesn’t win the National Championship. After college, he bounced around the NBA for four years then ended up in Europe. He’ll always have that lay-up.

4.) David Tyree – NY Giants

This might be the most amazing play in the history of the Super Bowl. It’s unreal. Manning was sacked, he airs it out, and Tyree makes a phenomenal catch. A catch he will always be known for. As for the rest of his career, people probably would’ve never learned his named.


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