I’m not a big MMA fan, but a highlight reel of odd knockouts is something I’ll peruse if it’s available to me. And when I say odd knockouts, I mean odd knockouts.

There is no disputing the fact that MMA is immensely popular. It’s a huge money maker, and as we all know it’s moving to prime time TV. With knockouts like these, it may become an even bigger success.

Here is a collection of some ridiculous, disgusting MMA beat downs. Even though I led this post with a picture of two girls, I will NOT be putting any chicks in this collection. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t dig girls beating the shit out of each other.

The Double (This had to be fixed)

This may be one of the most popular knockouts around. How big of a jackass do you feel like if you’re part of this knockout.

The Style Award (38 Seconds In)

Did you hear the noise when he hit him? Good heavens. This gets the nod because the dude got knocked out by a backhand slap!

Total Spaz Gets The KO

I seriously feel like I’m watching a video game here. This guy is jumping around like an idiot and gets the knockout? Get your head out of your ass.


I guess you don’t have to punch or kick a guy to get the knockout. Damn this is violent.

Are You Serious?

Bro, you just got knocked out by a cartwheel. A cartwheel. You’re the man bro!

BONUS! Just watch the first seconds


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