Yesterday morning, the Green Bay Packers sold stock to the public for the fifth time in their 92-year history. The stock gives fans the opportunity to own a piece of the defending champions, undefeated through 12 games this season, but is unlike traditional U.S. common stocks. Ownership in the Packers confers voting rights, but the shares offer no dividend, no chance for appreciation, practically no transfer rights and not even a shot at a highly prized season ticket.

Is this not the biggest scam in the world or what? People are paying $250 for a piece of paper and bragging rights. It’s actually genius. The team gets more money, and the people get nothing. They can say they are owners of the team, but for most of them they can’t even get season tickets.

Let’s say for the purposes of this article that owning stock actually meant something. Let’s say you could actually benefit from being an “owner” of a particular team. If that was the case, and all teams offered stock, here’s who I would buy… (I didn’t realize how hypothetical this was going to get)

(5) The New England Patriots

This was an easy buy for me. Tom Brady still has some good years with Belichick, and it doesn’t hurt the Pats are Top 5 in terms of richest professional sports teams in the world. If you look at past decade, what team has been stronger in the NFL. No one. The Patriots may not win the Super Bowl this year, but they are in the playoffs every year. Plus, it’s hard to not be seduced by Gronk.

(4) The New York Yankees

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t totally psyched about putting the the Yanks on this list. It’s just too hard to deny the fact that they’re the 4th wealthiest sports franchise on the planet, and they do make the playoffs every year. Here’s the deal with the Yankees if you’re buying stock.. Buy, but don’t hold. The team is getting older every year, and they are going to run into some non-playoff years very shortly.


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