Back in July, Bleacher Report put out an article citing their reasons why they believed Felix Hernandez would not be traded in 2011. Well, technically it’s still 2011, and now Andrew Marchand of ESPN is writing blogs about ‘How the Yankees can acquire King Felix.

I’ve been monitoring this situation closely, and I can give you 5 reasons why the Yankees and Mariners will make this deal happen. All logic and ‘public issued statements’ would indicate otherwise, but I’m telling you; this trade is going to go down.

Let me convince you….

(5) The Yankees NEEEEEEEEEED Him

I think it’s safe to say the Yankees are getting tired (after two years) of watching their pitching sacrifice their title run. They need a big-time pitcher to compliment CC Sabathia. One thing we’ve learned about the Yankees is that they usually get what they want. Furthermore, I believe Brian Cashman has FINALLY learned that he’s not going to solve these issues with washed-up retreads. So that doesn’t mean anything…. Oh no? The Yankees were unusually quiet this offseason weren’t they? There’s reason to be suspicious something big is going down.

(4) Felix Hernandez Wants/Needs A Change of Scenery

Look at what’s happened in the NBA. Guys are bailing left and right for an opportunity to play for a contender. What makes you think that’s not going to happen in baseball, especially in the case of Felix Hernandez? To his credit, he’s been the victim of HORRIFIC run-support and just a flat-out crappy team and hasn’t said a word. Don’t you think the soon-to-be-26-year old is going to want to pitch in the spotlight in the playoffs soon. With the Angels getting Pujols, the likelihood of the Mariners making the playoffs in the next 5 years is next to impossible. The clock is ticking before Felix starts to get restless.


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Tanned Tom

December 20th, 2011 at 10:56 pm

You make some good points, but I don’t think this will happen. 1) bad blood between the clubs lingers over the Clif Lee deal 2) it is an open question if the Yanks can afford him. 2014 is the salary deadline, they have to be under $179 mil for that season. Adding a $20 mil+ contract does not make that easier. 3) All of Cashman’s moves since losing out on Clif Lee have been time-buying, to hold the line until the kids are rotation ready. Dealing Betances and Nova might be too much. I’d be much happier if the package was Montero, Warren, Phelps, Nunez, Hughes, Pena, and cash.


December 30th, 2011 at 1:08 am

So today’s 12/29/11, Kenny NY homeboy Rosenthall posts his 12/21/11 bi-monthly why the yanks should get Felix for nothing (still running in Fox sports-garbage for some reason) and you do the same. You NY bozos always use the same logic: Trade a Felix for a bunch of nobodys – gosh that really makes sense. Only diff between you and rosenthaller is he’s a bought and paid for nose-up-strinbrenner’s a$$ yankee toady – you do it for free – good luck flatliner. Guess what, CC’s about cooked, Jeter and A-roid have about left the building too – keep dreaming

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