This is a no-brainer for some athletes. There are just some sports figures who are in the news all the time it drives you crazy. On the flip side, there are some folks that really deserve my publicity.

I was going to focus on the athletes who need to be in the news more often, but I decided to take a couple shots at the sports figures who I’m so sick and tired of hearing about. We’re not about to discriminate either. NFL, MLB, NHL whatever. Everyone is game.

Hit the jump and take a look at some professional athletes who are either in our face too much, or too little…

Too Much

To be honest, I think we’ve gotten lucky with Rex this year. His team hasn’t been playing great, so he’s remained relatively quiet. In the overall scheme of things, Rex is in our faces way to much for anyone’s liking.

Too Little

Captains in the Big Apple usually get a lot of new action. Not Ryan Callahan. I’m sold on this kid. He’s the captain of an up and coming young Rangers team that is going to be good for years to come. Not to mention, he seems like a great kid. Tune into HBO’s 24/7 and you’ll see.

Too Much

Don’t act surprised to see the greatest quarterback that ever lived/the Messiah on this list. The Tebow shinefest has gone on way too long. I’m going to be happy when he’s not on half the episode of Sportscenter.

Too Little

I know it’s synchronized swimming, but we never hear a thing about Bia and Bianca Feres. I mean they could at least be in the news for getting wasted and partying somewhere. Not a peep. It’s really sad.


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