There’s a trend in tennis these days that’s kind of flying under the radar. It’s not steroids, it’s not labor disputes, and it’s not Tim Tebow. Members of the ATP have found a little unknown skill in that they are pretty good dancers…

Both men and women’s tennis players are taking it upon themselves to get their groove on pre, during, and post-match. It provides for some serious entertainment. One thing is for sure; it’s a helluva lot better trend than most of the other crap we see in sports.

Today, we have compiled some classic videos of tennis players letting loose. Hit the jump and enjoy….

Caroline Wozniacki and Victoria Azarenka

Is this sexy? I don’t want to be the only person that thinks this is sexy. Someone bail me out. It’s sexy.

One More Wozniacki

Alright the verdict is in – Wozniacki is hot. She also seems like she’s cool as hell. Nice pull by Mr. McIlroy.

Novak Djokovic

It’s going to be hard to compete with that fan. I go back and forth about Djokovic. I think I like the guy. He’s pretty damn funny. But he’s not the best…..


Your Thoughts?

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