A little lighthearted fun today – We’re going to throw two interesting fans against each other. Thus far, the Bowl Games have been pretty mundane, but today we have a special fan from the Gator Bowl.

She’ll face off against a little German kid who’s throwing a few back at a Bundesliga game. Bizarre to us in the States, but it may be commonplace in Germany.

Enjoy the videos and your weekend…

Kid Drinking Beer

Kid is just chillen having a beer and a pretzel. Good thing he switched to water by the 89th minute. He looks like he’s a little glazed. That’s what Germans do.. Beer and pretzels.

Buckeyes Fan

This lady needs to stop spazzing. Sweet Flava Flav necklace.

Verdict – Has to be the beer drinking boy. There wasn’t much of a chance for anyone against this kid.


Your Thoughts?

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