If you want to impress your friends and colleagues remember that this year it’s Super Bowl XLVI (46) and it’s going to be in Indianapolis. It’s always hard to keep track of those damn Roman Numerals.

This year we are going to see the New England Patriots play the New York Giants in a rematch of the 2008 Super Bowl in which the Giants won in brilliant fashion. Personally, I’m excited for this game. If it’s anything like the game 5 years ago than we should be in for a treat.

To get you warmed up for the Super Bowl, we put together highlights from the past 5 years. Go ahead and pick your favorite one. Hit the jump, enjoy the highlights, here we go!

2011 – Super Bowl XLV – Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

I’d have to say this was a very, very good game. The legend of Aaron Rodgers was born. What a game by Jordy Nelson. Maybe the legend of Jordy Nelson was born? Hey man, Big Ben had the rock with 2 minutes left and a chance to win. Isn’t that all you can ask for in a big game like this?

2010 – Super Bowl XLIV – New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts

I loved this matchup. Brees vs. Peyton is about as good as it gets. Peyton didn’t play his best game, but what’s more important is New Orleans got their Super Bowl. I don’t think anyone was upset about that.

2009 – Super Bowl XLIII – Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals

I’ll tell you what – Now that I’m doing this, the past Super Bowls have been fantastic. We’ve truly been lucky in terms of games. Ben gets his second Super Bowl, Warner goes out in a blaze of glory. We need to debate Ben Roethlisberger one day – the guy gets it done at a pretty remarkable rate.

2008 – Super Bowl XLII – New York Giants vs. New England Patriots

The Tyree Play – 18-0 – Just an amazing game. You want to talk about getting it done, Tom Brady is your man. I’ll tell you what though, the Giants Defense was next level in the playoffs. Great game. “The ball came up like a seed of a watermelon in the air”!!

2007 – Super Bowl XLI – Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears

Peyton got his ring. This was probably the worst game of the five, but still significant because one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL got his ring.


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