It’s Thursday morning. The end is in sight. You’re tired, this week seems interminable, and there’s still some work that needs to get done. Need a little pep talk?

Some coaches have it, some don’t. I can’t see Joe Torre firing up the troops before a big game. As much as I hate Rex Ryan, I think he’s got that part covered. We’ve seen plenty of inspiring speeches in sports movies, but how about real life. Here are some quality pregame speeches given by head coaches and others in all sports…..

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1.) The Strong Finish

Who knew the CFL could bring the fire? Just a tremendous finish.

2.) The Inspiration

Pretty tremendous, emotional speech. You can’t fight no mooooooore!

3.) Billy D Has Got It In Him

It’s hard not to like Billy D even though he has kind of a creep look to him. Guy’s a good coach.

4.) The Red Bull Pregame Speech Award

The fuggin’ CFL! Bringing the thunder. This guy is off the chain.

5.) B. Dawk Fired Up Puberty Speech

One of the most emotional guys in the NFL ever… One guy probably has him trumped. See below

6.) You Know Ray Lewis Would Be On This

Biggest spaz, lunatic, emotional (criminal) football player I’ve seen in my lifetime.

7.) Most Underrated Coach in the Country John Beilein. Love this guy.

I love Beilein. The guy is awesome.


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