This is no longer about whos an elite quarterback, whos not, we have talked that one to death all season. This is about more than that, something more important: Who the best quarterback is right now. Eli Manning is playing better than anybody going into this Super Bowl, and that includes the guy he goes up against in Indy, old friend Tom Brady. Eli did not have his best stats on Sunday against the 49ers, and was on the ground a lot, and did not own the fourth quarter and overtime the way he has a lot this season. He still came away with two touchdown passes, more than 300 passing yards, so many third-down conversions you lost count, this guy who sometimes makes third-and-long look so easy. And even though he came close to turning the ball over to the 49ers, he did not. Did not throw the kinds of interceptions that Brady threw in Foxboro against Baltimore, including one in the end zone when the Patriots had a chance to put the Ravens away

I don’t know if I agree with Mike Lupica from the New York Times. Eli Manning had a fantastic season, and right now is probably the best quarterback in the Super Bowl. Tom Brady is a winner man. You’d be foolish to overlook him. The problem is he always gets respect, and has the reputation. Eli is finally just starting to get respect. The guy carried the Giants all season. He already has one Super Bowl ring, and has had a phenomenal playoffs. Trust me, I’m not getting antsy because Brady didn’t play well against the Ravens, I’m also not overlooking the fact Brady’s numbers were better. I think Eli is hotter right now, but more importantly I think it’s time to give Eli respect. That’s all.


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