Forget the battle between the Giants and the Pats. The real Super Bowl showdown is between advertisers. The Super Bowl is advertising’s biggest stage and companies spent an average of $3.5 million for 30-second commercials for the right to duke it out during Sunday’s game. This year’s ads use celebrities, nostalgia and sex appeal to draw in the 111 million-plus viewers who are expected to tune in.

I’m going to plead stupidity on this one – Do people actual watch Super Bowl commercials as consumers or people looking for a laugh? Last night I didn’t say, “Gee, I need to sign up with E-Trade.” or “Gee, I feel like some Doritos.” I will say this – I’m kind of curious to try the new Bud Light. That looked cool. I think I just answered my question. F#CK! I’m also not going to act like $3.5 M means sh$t to anyone of the companies who had a commercial. All in all I thought the commercials were weak.


Your Thoughts?

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