I’m just fuggin’ piling on Gisele Bundchen for her antics lately. I’ll admit I’m being a little too hard on her, but talk about a poor showing this past Super Bowl week. In case you missed this – here’s a video of Gisele sh$tting on Brady’s teammates for losing the game on Sunday. Here’s what I will say about the situation; yeah, it sucks her e-mail went public, but she didn’t help her cause with that comment after the game. You just don’t go there.

I decided to put her in a small group that I would consider – the Top 4 Worst WAGs in the Game Right Now. You really have to try your best to look past the outer beauty of these individuals. Gisele Bundchen is one of the most attractive women on the planet today. However, we’re talking sports WAGs here now, and she sucks at it.

Hit the jump to see who joins her….

Cameron Diaz

You’d think she’d be in the clear now, right? Her and A-Rod haven’t been together in a while…. What we’re finding is the “popcorn incident” like a negative score on your credit report can last up to seven years. Just add in the fact she was head-over-heels for A-Rod, and essentially got jerked around by A-Rod, and you have yourself a pretty awful WAG.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

I’m happy I stretched the rules to accommodate Mrs. Hasselbeck here. I know her husband played pro football for six minutes, but we’re going to make an exception. If you know about Elisabeth, you know she is Satan. You know that hell is without a ruler because she’s here on earth. If you don’t know about her, Google works.

Kim Kardashian

Surprise surprise. Look who’s on the list. Kim Kardashian is the anti-christ of WAGs. She’s the kryptonite. Why do you think Tebow ran from her like Ray Lewis was chasing him. I wonder if she’ll ever get off this list – probably not.


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